Sunday, 21 January 2018

Lutradur Valentine Fabric Hearts

I've discovered the wonders of Lutradur (CS500). Lutradur is a fantastic material to work with and It's extremely versatile. It is a non-woven polyester fabric similar to interfacing and comes in a variety of different weights. It can be coloured and heat gunned to create amazing textures. These three bespoke Valentine hearts have 2 fabric layers on their surface and comprise of Lutradur and a deep red silk effect fabric. The black lace-like and delicate spun fabric allows the red silk effect fabric to show through. The front of the hearts are embellished with intricate free machine embroidery (a process that I enjoy immensely) in scarlet rayon embroidery thread which reads 'My Valentine', 'I Love You' and 'Hot Stuff'.
The three burlesque style embroidered Valentines hearts can be found in my website shop:

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